My name is Paul Woitaschek and I'm a Android freelancer based in Leipzig.

I work with a main focus on a user-friendly interface combined with clean and efficient code.

I have a strong focus on a clean architecture backed by immutable objects as they are easily understandable and solve many problems -- especially concurrency.

My code standards and architecture design principles are heavily inspired by the book Effective Java by Joshua Bloch.

RxJava helps in writing precise, reusable and very maintainable code. I use Dagger 2 as DI framework. This decouples the components and makes testing easy.
Static code analysis like Android Lint or FindBugs helps by detecting bugs before they appear.

Curriculum Vitae, 02/2016


Paul Woitaschek
Brockhausstr. 57
04229 Leipzig

Developing with passion